Jul 28, 2014


Lmao started threading my brothers eyebrows and he started screaming cause it hurt

I love when people use the phrase “be a man”

No. Be a damn woman and realize we go through more pain

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Jul 28, 2014






How to apply attar


lmao idk how many times i’ve watched this

This cracks me up everytime omggg hahahaha


This works

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Jul 28, 2014

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Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014
Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.

Deepak Chopra

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Jul 27, 2014
Jul 27, 2014
جان‎/jan/jān/jaan [jaan]
(noun) Jan/jaan is one of those specials words which lends itself across cultures and languages as a term of endearment and affection meaning, love, dear, heart, and life in East Asia. Arab/Persian: In Arabic, jan represents beloved one or dear. The Persian origins of this word mean life, equivalent to the Punjabi and Hindi definition. Calling a person your jaan, in comparison to the Arab and Persian culture, in South East Asian countries is an act of true love and intimiacy, and not used as liberally as the Persian connotation. Its true origins stem from Sanskrit. In Urdu you often refer to your lover and those your are close to as “meri jaan [meh-ree jaan],” also meaning my life, and my dear. It has a deeper emotional meaning than merely calling someone your love, or sweetheart; it is used in the essence of true love. (via wordsnquotes)

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Jul 27, 2014
sophialevie asked: What is your opinion on 50 Shades of Grey? (Either the book or the movie?)



1. It’s badly written.

2. It glorifies an abusive relationship.

3. That it’s so incredibly popular is worrisome on a multitude of levels.

4. It’s a bad and quite potentially dangerous distortion of what BDSM actually is. I worry about people with submissive inclinations thinking that is what they are supposed to enjoy.

5. It will be incredibly popular as a movie, and people will hold it up as an example of the movie industry’s changing acceptance of female sexual pleasure and how this is a step forward for women, when really it is just another film depicting violence against women.

6. I have not read the book. I do not plan to watch the movie. I hope it gets completely shredded by critics and it sparks a genuine discussion about the ways that abusive partners groom potential victims and keep victims in abusive relationships. I’m not holding out hope for that.

This is the only thing I will be posting about 50 Shades. Well said, notsomolly. This is EXACTLY it.

Jul 27, 2014

I feel so disconnected from everyone and life in general. It could be that I’m just super tired, but honestly I’m having a hard time being genuinely excited about anything. Is this one of those postpartum things?

Jul 26, 2014

The awkward moment when you’re praying and you forget what Rakat you’re on


The awkward moment when you’re praying and you forget what Rakat you’re on

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